Turn your face to me

I can change your circumstances

Only I can set you free

Focus on MY kingdom child

Walk with me and in my ways

Submit ALL things unto my hand

Worship me and praise

You will then see changes

All the things your heart desires

Don’t try to change things for yourself

LET ME ….I will inspire

Let go my child for I know what’s best

I know your heart and mind

Only I can make the changes

I unlock the chains that bind

Let go my child and let me be

Your brightly shining light

For I will guide you out of darkness

Then your future will be bright

So stop YOUR plans and follow me

Let go YOUR empty dreams

Allow ME my child to plan your future

Let me clothe you mend the seams

There is nothing I can’t do my child

My very precious bride

Run now to me…YOUR FUTURE

I’ll close the door once you’re inside

Inside my secret HOLY PLACE

Where all your dreams come true

Come this day my lovely one

Together me and you!!!!